Thursday, May 25, 2017

Zid (2014) Hindi Movie

සිද් හින්දි චිත්‍රපටය
Starring:  Karanvir Sharma, Mannara Chopra, Shraddha Das, Seerat Kapoor


ZID starts off with a flashback which has the film's protagonist Rohan Achrekar aka Ronnie(Karanvir Sharma), a crime reporter with 'The Daily'(a newspaper based in Goa), narrating an incident to his newspaper's editor Karan(Mohan Kapoor) and the area's DSP (Rajeev Saxena). He says that with the help of the editor, he found a rented house at his friend's outhouse located far away from the rest of Goan civilization. Even though the said place looks haunted, Ronnie still adjusts himself to the situation despite having a paralyzed owner, who is driven on a wheelchair throughout and who also happens to be the father of Maya (Mannara Chopra). For Maya, it is love at first sight when she sees Ronnie, who incidentally is recovering from a break-up with Priya (Shraddha Das), his girlfriend of many years and who is now settled in London. While Maya leaves no stone unturned to get Ronnie's attention, Ronnie seems to be still 'lost in love' about Priya.

Maya instantly falls in love with Ronnie and this love soon turns into an obsession. She calls her sister and reveals her feeling for him. She even enters Ronnie's room and picks a picture out of his photo-frame. He finds it missing, but does nothing. She spots a picture of her on his desktop (a random picture he had clicked during his ferry ride to the outhouse, before he had even met her) and assumes that he's in love with her.....(wiki)

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